Turkish Foundry Association

Established in 1976 to assist it’s members on technical and official matters, the Turkish Foundry Association has 115 member companies. TÜDÖKSAD became a member of the WFO (World Foundry Association) in 1989 and a member of CAEF(The European Foundry Association) in 2007. 

Approximately half of the ferrous output, which largely comprises grey and ductile iron, comes from 15 foundries whose annual capacity ranges from 30,000 tons to around 140,000 tons. TÜDÖKSAD(The Turkish Foundry Association) members cover 75% of  Turkish foundry output by 84 foundries. This represents a shift in production from the numerous smaller foundries, that dominated the industry in the late 1970s to big ones. The total grey iron output produced in small shops dropped from 60% in 1977 to only 20% in 2012.